Rubicon IT — Software that inspires.
Rubicon It Rebranding
Rubicon is an international software company based in Vienna with branches in Berlin and Bern. Customers include major international companies and institutions in the public administration sector, including Austrian Airlines, the Austrian Federal Chancellery, REWE Group, Swiss Federal Railways, and Zurich Insurance Group. With its 2018 brand redesign, the renowned IT service provider has achieved the next milestone in its company history. The goal was to create an image of Rubicon that permeates the entire brand both visually and substantively — from the umbrella brand name right down to products and services.
Rubicon schwarze Notizblöcke
Bunte Icons für Rubicon IT
Rubicon Visitenkarten in Gelb, Weiß und Schwarz
Rubicons neue Bildsprache und Frau in gestreiftem Shirt
The six company values — “Striving for Excellence”, “Energizing Work”, “Teamwork”, “Agility”, “Business Value”, and “Sustainability” — are the heart of Rubicon’s image and the design inspiration for the shape of the logo: a hexagon. The new profile conveys the company’s stability, offers room for growth, and provides a home for the range of product brands and services.
Rubicons Markenarchitektur
Rubicon gebrandete schwarze Kugelschreiber
Neue Personen Icons für Rubicon
Rubicon Stationary in neuem Design
Rubicon Stifthalter in Schwarz
Rubicon Poster in Schwarz-Weiß mit Amelia Earheart
Rubicon Icons für unterschiedliche Services
Rubicon Editorial Design Detail
Rubicon now shines in bold yellow and contrasting black, differentiating itself clearly from other IT companies. For the various product brands, we developed a fresh, modern color palette in the spirit of the company slogan: “Software to get excited about.”
Rubicon Imagewelt in Schwarz, Weiß und Gelb
Rubicon Mitarbeiter Illustration
Rubicon Stationary in neuem Corporate Design