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Obligation to Disclosure

Concept & Design


Photography Portfolio




Motion Design

  • Matthias Kiesenebner: Rubicon IT, Fakler, The Cable, Zero Cadence
  • Łukasz Buda: Biobauernhof Orth
  • Left Studio: Society for Artistic Research, Miss Jellyfish, Design Diversity, Crispy Crust Records, Bike Republic Sölden, Sunlight Adventure Book, eyesprint, Koala, 12th SAR Conference on Artistic Research
  • Philipp Rudler: Moving Forward. Step by Step. (Screen Capture)
  • LWZ: Funding the Way Forward
  • Vincent Wagner: Laika
  • Nadja Bučovnik: hannah Dorfladen


  • Graupause: Sunlight, Hit the Road, Sunlight Adventure Book
  • Dominik Wilzok: Crispy Crust Records
  • Mathias Kögel: Six Days a Journey
  • Martin Erd: Six Days a Journey
  • Cleanhill Studios, M4TV (production): Biobauernhof Orth (Screenplay: Josef Schrefel. Support provideded by Bioregion Eisenstrasse, Austrian Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism, Leader, State of Lower Austria, LE 14-20, and the European Union.
  • Sebastian Weissinger: ACR




  • Martin Erd: Biobauernhof Orth, Sunlight, Hit the Road, Zero Cadence, Six Days a Journey, Bike Republic Sölden, Koala, NatUrvertrauen, hannah Dorfladen, Togo Edition
  • Angewandte — University of Applied Arts Vienna / Mark Lim / Rifdi Bin Rosly: UA&R Singapur
  • City University of Hong Kong: Contemporary Code
  • WestLicht / lux • lumen (Marlene Fröhlich), Dina Lucia Weiss: WestLicht
  • Matthias Aschauer: WestLicht, Design Diversity, Rensch | Röckel
  • Christine Miess (WestLicht. Schauplatz für Fotografie): Photo Auction
  • Leica Galerie Wien: Leica Gallery Vienna
  • Stefan Eigner, Lorenz Holder, Andy Kolb, Dylan Miller, Bryan Soderlind, Steffen Vollert: The Cable
  • Andy Lloyd: Bike Republic Sölden
  • Lukas Lerperger: The Quiet Life
  • Stefanie Moshammer: ORF — My home is my
  • David Avazzadeh: Studio Dankl
  • Jork Weismann: Studio Dankl
  • Mona Heiß, MAK: Studio Dankl
  • Jana Madzigon: Joseph Binder Award
  • schewig fotodesign: ACR
  • Daniel Novotny: FWF Wittgenstein Prize, Event
  • Klaus Ranger: FWF Wittgenstein Prize, Event
  • VIENNA DESIGN WEEK/Kollektiv Fischka/Philipp Podesser: Studio Dankl

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