Biobauernhof Orth. The farm, the barn, and us.
Biobauernhof Orth
Schafe auf der Weide am Biobauernhof Orth
Flyer Biobauernhof Orth
The farm, the barn, and us. Meadows are the most beautiful places in the world, places where you can find everything that’s true and good and worthwhile. All of this is the very heart of Orth Organic Farm: organic farming in the midst of nature’s beauty. Surrounded by serenity and abundance, you can enjoy our sheep, our good cheer, and many artisanal products you can savor all year round — for example, our own homemade cheese, cider, yogurt, and fresh juices. We even have a holiday rental, so you can sleep next door to the sheep.
Orth Biobauernhof HammerAlbrecht
Mostviertler Schofkaskugeln vom Biobauernhof Orth
Frühstück mit Joghurt und Beeren und Waldstück
Flasche Most des Biobauernhof Orth
Eingang zur Schafeteria des Biobauernhof Orth
Mostviertler Schofkas
Orth Biobauernhof Broschüre
Etikette der Liköre und Brände des Biobauernhof Orth
Orth Biobauernhof Karten
Orth Biobauernhof Schriftzug
Things here are friendly, fresh, familiar. Orth Organic Farm is more than just agriculture, it’s about people and animals living in harmony. This is what we want our design to express: an honest and open view of who and what we are. Sleep? Sheep? We’ve got you covered! Because our woolly friends spend their days at the farm and probably know it better than anyone, we’ve placed them center stage in our corporate identity. Through charming illustrations, the Orth sheep share the story of life on an organic farm, introduce products from the farm shop, and bring you joy, just as they will do when you are here on the farm.
Schafe am Orth Biobauernhof
Orth Biobauernhof Schafjoghurt
Orth Biobauernhof Magazin
Orth Biobauernhof Blumen-, Obst- und Gemüsegarten
Orth Biobauernhof rotes Tshirt
Menü des Orth Biobauernhof
Orth Biobauernhof Ferienhaus
Bauer beim Scheren der Schafe
Orth Biobauernhof und Hofladen
Orth Biobauernhof ausklappbare Infobroschüre
Bauer bei der Pause am Orth Biobauernhof
Bio Apfelsaft Flaschen des Orth Biobauernhof
Frischer Salat mit Schafkäse
Stoffbeutel Orth Biobauernhof
Bauer im Stall des Orth Biobauernhof
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