Basic research, done differently.
FWF Wir Foerdern Zukunft Cover
For decades, the FWF, a key funding organization, has stood for the highest possible standards of quality in promoting science across all fields of research. Strengthening Austria as an international scientific location is just as important as expanding our knowledge-based society and communicating between all areas of cultural, economic, and social life.
FWF Jahresbericht 2016 Mission
FWF Jahresbericht 2016 Illustration
Putting this mission into focus, the FWF’s 2016 annual report has been reinvented in terms of content, strategy, and visibility. Research is more than just data, numbers, and facts, and is every bit as diverse as it is surprising. Hiding behind every door readers find a story worth telling, accompanied with a wink and a smile by charming illustrations. Everyday issues are questioned, boundaries are tested, all without losing sight of the essentials. It’s poetic, funny, fresh, and flexible.
FWF Jahresbericht 2016 Detailseite mit Illustration
FWF Illustration Frau mit Ziegel & Hammer
FWF Finanzüberblick in Zahlen und Graphen
FWF Wir Foerdern Zukunft Poster
Informationen zum FWF inklusive Illustration mit Personen die Treppen steigen
FWF Illustration Fuß tritt aus Ei
FWF Illustration Frau auf Leiter
FWF Illustration von Händen und einer Person
FWF Jahresbericht 2016 Detailansicht
FWF Forscher Illustration
FWF Poster Wissenschaftskommunikations-Programm
FWF Illustration Frau und Planeten
FWF Übersicht der Gutachten
Illustration von sitzender Frau und Smartphone
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Annual Reporting, Corporate Publishing, Editorial Design, Illustration


Francesco Ciccolella




ARC Award, New York 2018: Gold (Infographics), Silber (Non-English Annual Report), Honors (Illustrations)


Matthias Aschauer