Dare, Share & Care
Artistic research implements the processes and topics of the established sciences to achieve new insights. The 12th International Conference of the Society for Artistic Research aims to stimulate the discourse, asking participants from around the world: “What do you dare, share and care?”
12th SAR Conference on Artistic Research Typography
We have designed the conference’s appearance to be just as stimulating, surprising and diverse as the conversations of the artists and researchers. Using experimental typography, contrast-rich colours and dynamic elements, the festival brand itself makes a statement on artistic exploration.
12th SAR Conference on Artistic Research Website
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Society for Artistic Research


Artwork, Brand Design, Brand Identity, Custom Typography, Motion Design, Web Design, Web Development

Motion Design

Left Studio, HammerAlbrecht


Flo Hauck


CCA 2021 (Creativ Club Austria) Shortlist, Art Direction; CCA 2021 (Creativ Club Austria) Shortlist, Branding und Brand Experiences